Made it this far/Okay to quit?

I came, I saw and I conquered! This is episode 10 and season 1 finale. I'm totally blessed, proud and excited I made it this far with this podcast. I could not have done any of this without the blessings of god(Alhumdulilah) and the support of so many. On the flip side, when is it okay to quit? Lets discuss that a bit shall we?

Podcast Episode #9 Started from the bottom

It took a while to finally get Mark Connar of Provable Solutions on the show. He is a busy man with so much energy, optimism and positivity you cant help but root for him. Nothing came easy for this now president of his own company, but nothing worth it ever comes easy. This is by far one of my best episodes to date simply because of the connection I felt between Mark and I. Hope you can gain as much insight as I have from this episode, enjoy.

Podcast Episode #8 I Rather Be Alone Right Now

Want to get away? Yes, yes I do. There are times I just need to be completely alone. With all that goes on in life there seems to be very little time for me and me alone. Iā€™m encouraging myself and others to start setting some time aside for themselves and spend that time rehabilitating and getting to know themselves on deeper level.

Podcast Episode #6 Just chillin

This episode I'm blessed to have an old friend as a guest. Shazad Khan is someone I known for a very long time and I have the upmost respect and love for him. We sit back relax and just chat about whatever comes to mind in this episode. Favorite X-Men, racism, interracial relationships, growing out his hair, encouragement from the wife, the amazing human body and much more is discussed during this chill session.

Podcast Episode #5 "Going Strong" with guest Melissa Flores

Join me and another awesome guest for episode 5 of the ProgressiveBeing Podcast. Melissa Flores is the guest of honor this time around and she is amazing. Completing the Chicago Marathon this year, being a student, sister, girlfriend and workout junkie, this young lady balances it all as best as she can while continuing to grow along the way.

Podcast Episode #4 For the love

Does everything have to have a catch to it or are we allowed to live now? Episode four this week I touch on doing what you do simply cause you love it; not for money and definitely not for fame but because it brings joy!