We did well, but we can do better

Take a bow, you are amazing, we are amazing. We have come a very long way since the beginning of our existence and I only see us getting better. As we grow, invent and build more spectacular articles lets keep in mind the most important things and not lose track of those in dire need. Its easy to get caught up and get distracted by all we have and forget that others might not have the same opportunities as we do. If we are to advance as a human race, we must do it together and try not to leave others behind in the process. Lets take some time and start focusing on the basic needs of people and not so much on the newest invention.

Cant live without you!

I cant eat, sleep, or breathe without you! Oh how dramatic and honesty sad considering the fact that eating sleeping and breathing are vital to actually living. You probably heard it in love songs, poems or movies about people who cant seem to live or function correctly without a certain person; usually a significant other. Well I’m here to tell you that you can and you already have, the proof is your existence. If your currently alive, than you have survived without that so called special irreplacable person.

Fear of what!?

Afraid of your own strength? Who what of thought your own success would be something to be worried about? What if I make it, what if I do well, what if I become a success? It might seem crazy to have these thoughts but its reality and many suffer from this mindset. I wonder why success would be something someone fears, the only thing I can think of is that after reaching a certain goal your left with nothing else to work towards. There is always room for improvement and new goals can always be created and accomplished, just have to continue to stay progressive.

F@ck it...Im me

It feels delightful to be you. Nothing feels more satisfying than saying fuck you to those who refuse to accept who you are. I rather be me than anyone else and that’s exactly what makes me special.

Timing is everything

Time can be such a drag, or maybe the total opposite for some. We all experience the flow of time, but do we understand or even better take advantage of time? There is no pausing, fast forwarding or reversing time, but that doesn’t mean we cant grasp it.


9-5 job? No thank you. I cant stand the thought let alone the actual physical participation of being another participant in the “Hunger Games” of the work world. I been working meaningless gigs since I was 13 years old and now at the age of 31 I’m still working the same meaningless gigs with nothing to show for it…when will this cycle come to and end?